BRAVO to my friend for writing from her heart

BRAVO to my friend for writing from her heart.
Grace Day Myers
Dear Everyone,
Been doing a lot of thinking this evening. That’s kinda what happen at 66 years old. So here I go.

There have been many Presidents in my life time.The one I remember most is President John F. Kennedy. Two things that stand out about him, was the Cuban Missle Crisis, and the day he was assassinated.
When I became older, I didn’t care about voting, Congress etc…… Black History wasn’t taught in school like it should have been, and slavery was taught like it was a natural thing. So I really had no knowledge of Civil Rights or the African American struggles in the South. When I graduated I was pregnant and became a mom. My future was work and how to support a child !
My father stayed on top of everything in the news. We didn’t have family discussions of hatred, hanging, burning, the KKK or his experience as a Black man in the South.
The one thing I heard mention at times, was the hatred Russia had for America.
I don’t know why my parents felt there was no need to talk about these things, ( other than protect us from it ), but they had their reasons not to. Besides, I wasn’t curious enough to ask. My life was pretty good. I didn’t even realize we were poor !
Lakewood, N.J. where I was born was a small town back then. EVERYONE knew my parents. I couldn’t do one thing, and by the time I got home, my mom knew if I didn’t say, “Hi “, to Mrs. So and So. We were taught respect for our elders, and children should be seen and not heard.
The first time I experienced prejudice, was after Martin Luther King was assassinated. I was going into the Post Office. An elderly lady was behind me, I stepped back to let her go in first, and she looked right at me, turned her nose up like I wasn’t good enough, and walked away. That day made me feel like crying. And I did sitting next to mom. I actually had an anxiety attack.
I said all that to say this. I did not vote for President Trump. I did not vote for Hillary Clinton either. I can research candidates using Google information etc……But I did not.
I have my opinions and views, and I can make my own decisions who to vote for. It’s all good.
When President Obama was in office, I voted to see the FIRST BLACK PRESIDENT ! It wasn’t because of Oprah Winfrey. It was because my daddy said, ” There will never be a Black Man in the White house !”. I voted for my dad. I did not Google him, read up on him etc… I simply did it FOR MY DAD !
I disagreed with things former President Obama had done. After awhile African Americans said, ” You forgot about us, and we put you in the White House ! ” Most Americans thought and felt, “If you say a damn thing gainst him, someone will say its because he”s Black !”. I had someone say that to my face in Wal-Mart.
Today there’s a new President. I didn’t Google him, I didn’t vote for him. I don’t agree with ALL the decisions he makes, just like I didn’t agree with all of former President Obama’s.
BUT I WILL NOT TAKE PART in racist, prejudice, hatred, violence or destruction going on against President Donald Trump ! I believe God ALLOWED him to be in office, for such a time as this. ( Sound familiar ). Therefore I will pray for him and his family. As A BELIEVER in Jesus Christ. I BELIEVE THAT’S WHAT JESUS CHRIST WOULD HAVE ME DO. AMEN. !
So Ladies, please DON’T get up set. And Gentlemen that encludes you as well. This is NOT posted for any debate, arguing, insulting, open foruming etc…….It’s just about ME and how I feel ! Not Anyone Else !
You see, I can not pray: May the words of my mouth and the meditations of my heart be pleasing in your sight, O Lord, my Rock and my Redeemer. Psalm 19:14
Then look my grandchildren in the face and exspect them to, ” Do as I say ! And not as I do !” ESPECIALLY if I’m bad mouthing the President, when I should be mouthing PRAYERS for him ! AND WE ALL KNOW HOW CHILDREN LEARN FROM OUR ACTIONS ! Amen.
SO. The Book of 1 John 5:3 says, This is love for God: to obey his commands. And his commands are not burdensome.
Now, there are TEN COMMANDMENTS that cover just about everything. Yes ! They are in the OLD TESTAMENT ! But break anyone of them today, and see what happens in COURT !
Well it’s 1:16 am. After ALL that thinking, pecking on my cell phone, and Lord knows the mistakes all of you English majors will FIND !
( no hard feelings ! ). I think now I am just going to say goodnight.

P.S. It’s OK to disagree. Just pray for me as I pray for you.

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