My friends

My friends,
It is the full-moon tonight, here on the East Coast.
This is a perfect time to let go and clear in the light of the powerful Moon energy.
Nature is always supporting us and gives us all resources we need to survive and to thrive.
Please find my full-moon meditation, feel free to share:
Here’s an easy way to release any burdens on your mind through the power of the Moon.
-Sit in eye’s view of the moon or if your house does not allow this simply face the direction of the moon.
– Light a candle have some incense going.
– Write on a piece of paper what you’d like to release or help you receive.
– Recite 3 times out loud if alone, pausing in between with a complete breath in and out. Take time to meditate of few minutes between each offering.
– Fold it up.
– Sit in meditation for at least 10 min – 20min. Just sit in a state of gratitude towards being able to receive such heartfelt needs.
– End with a salute of gratitude towards the moon.
– Take the piece of paper and place it under a half glass of water and place it under the moon’s light (window sill).
– In the morning, drink the water. Gratitude.
– Take the piece of paper and burn it that night, in Gratitude.
– or better place under your pillow and burn on the next full moon.
This is also a great time to cleanse jewelry and stones.
Half glass water, salt and 2 -3 cloves.
Place on window sill in moon light.
♥ Sohini Live Well 2017
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