Hey mama

Hey mama
This one is going out to you ❤️. I know you’re tired, there are still dishes in the sink from dinner 2 days ago, laundry waiting to be folded, and floors to be swept. It’s SO not easy being a mom. We don’t get the proper sleep we need, we don’t get to eat properly some days, we don’t get to have nice things. We literally give our EVERYTHING to these little souls. Momming AINT easy!
On top of all of THAT we are bombarded by articles, magazines, and blog posts telling us we should look a certain way, act a certain way, and DO certain things! It’s not fair! We literally sacrifice our bodies to give LIFE to another human being, and then are expected to bounce right back a week later!
It’s HARD not to hate the changes your body has made. I talk myself out of the self hate CONSTANTLY But taking care of yourself is so IMPORTANT! It teaches your children that you value yourself enough to take care of this body that has grown and nourished these little souls, and in turn to value themselves!Screw what the magazines say- if you took care of yourself today you are WINNING! And don’t you dare take your body- and what it has done- for granted. Not even for a single second.
You deserve so much better than that .

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