There is sweet dog, I feel so badly for

There is sweet dog, I feel so badly for. Peaches is two and has been in a kennel for five months and really needs at least a foster until she gets a forever home or you can be her forever home! If you can help would you please message me I will connect you with the rescue contact. is the Animal Rescue and they are so small they don’t have a lot of fosters. As I said, Peaches has been suck in a kennel FIVE MONTHS. Potty trained and good with other dogs and people. Don’t know about cats. She needs a forever home! Peaches is a sweet Pals girl. Peaches is a pointer/hound mix, about two years old. She came in as a stray five months ago and has been living in a kennel ever since. Her "kennel pal" Ellie was adopted a few weeks ago. Peaches has had nearly 1,000 views on Petfinder, but only two–two–inquiries! She’s a friendly, energetic girl who likes people and other dogs. Basic obedience training would be a good idea.
Peaches photos are attached!


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