Halloween is upon us…pass out candy or don’t

My friend Becky posted this and really is so true! Halloween is upon us…pass out candy or don’t. But please remember they are all just kids.
The parent with the baby on your porch is just excited to share their little one with you. They are probably very proud first time parents. It’s not about the candy.
The kid from out of town may have been invited by friends. Or maybe they are rockin a goodwill/hand me down costume because spending money on "fun" is a luxury for that family so they take advantage of Halloween. Maybe your towns trick or treat night is the only night Mom or Dad doesn’t have to work and the only opportunity they will get to spend family time together. Don’t automatically assume greed. Save for Halloween with 

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The kid who takes too much candy may have a motor function or sensory issue
The teenagers hitting you up for some candy. They are interacting with their community beyond a cell phone or app. Show them what kindness is…in fact…I bet if you think REALLY hard you’ll remember that 14 year old dressed up as batman just a few years prior. Ask them about HS, or the sports they play. Show them the community that they have behind them.
*Bonus…they won’t TP your house later 
I know candy is expensive. It goes up every year. But of all the kiddos none of them are malicious…maybe a little naughty sometimes, but they are just kids.

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