my little Christmas present

Sending out today, my little Christmas present! ???? How to get in shape an stay fit & healthy over the holidays! Don‘t wait until January to start when the kilos are already piled up! 
On the programs you can 
??Drink alcohol (if you want)
?? Eat cake
?? Have cheat days
I know most of us are just not committed to do any program that is hard to stick to! That is why we have our programs now in December where you can get in shape but still enjoy all the goodness this holiday brings!
Are you somebody who is worried about Christmas and putting on weight or getting unhealthy???
I am sending out the Fitmas Survival Kits today to my girls! How to stay on track over December and minimize the damage!
Comment below Santa ???? or send me message! And your ?? is on the way!! For anyone who cares about best dishes:

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