I forgot to share this last night

I forgot to share this last night. So I walk into Best Buy to pick up a gift I prepaid for. It’s about 30 minutes before closing, so I head over to customer service and order pickup. I’m the only person in the pickup line, and, while I’m walking through the rope aisle, the young man behind the counter walks around said counter and starts heading down the aisle toward me with the biggest smile on his face. "Hey! How you doing?" he asks, and he gives me the biggest hug. I’m thinking, "Wow! They sure are friendly at this Best Buy." And the young man stands there with his arm around my shoulder, still smiling. I’m about to tell him that he has me confused with someone else, when he kind of cocks his head in a particular way as he’s looking down at me, and I realize then that he’s one of my former students. Those 7th graders sure look a lot different when they hit 20! Thanks for the awesome greeting, Sean Scott. It really made my day! Merry Christmas, everyone! Get the basics for less or save on all of life’s fun extras here.

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