MAKE YOUR SOUL YOUR CEO. If you are a world-changing leader who has a business you love, and is deeply devoted to your connection to something much larger than yourself, this is an invitation to join me for a 1:1 Soul Mastery Intensive day in London in August, specifically designed for you and your Life’s Work, with this magnificent city […]


Drumroll, please!!! SizzleForce Marketing Academy is LIVE!!! This is the project I’ve been pouring my heart and soul into for 7 months!! You have to look at it!! Finally, small business owners are going to get the hands-on help they need to market like rockstars! So many marketing programs revolve around telling you what you need to do but […]


MAKE SOUL VISIBLE. That’s one way to express my core purpose. How do you do that? Get quiet enough to recognize your deepest internal knowing, and trust it so fully that you choose according to THAT rather than any other voice, inner or outer. One decision at a time. With each choice, your Soul becomes more and more visible in […]

On 9/11 in the US

On 9/11 in the US, who opened fire first? In Gaza, who opened fire first? Sequence of order means much in morality — or used to. If I’m walking down the street and you suddenly punch me in the face — I’m not interested in your measly justifications, I’m a white man, you blame me for your business failures, etc., […]

Friends (Half

Friends (Half-Price Books people I’m looking at you) I’m trying to figure out the name of a paperback novel I saw in an airport Barns and Nobel around 2003-2005. The key phrase for the novel seemed to be “business witches”. It was probably a series. From the back cover I seem to remember the gist of it being that a […]