Another one to file under “I Can’t Even

Another one to file under “I Can’t Even…” “Representative Devin Nunes obviously fancies himself Jason Bourne. To sneak onto the White House grounds for that rendezvous with an unnamed source last week, he switched cars and ditched aides, vanishing into the night.” Elected representatives “going rogue” in what clearly appears to be a partisan manner is now okay? Why is […]

This is THE gift to give PEOPLE

This is THE gift to give PEOPLE!! IT WILL GO FAST! ** MEN….your ladies will want this. You will want this (spoiler: ladies love kissing soft lips)! ** LADIES… your mom, MIL’s, friends, sisters, ANYONE basically will want this. You will want this (I mean, brighter eyes AND softer lips? YES PLEASE!) ** AND think about teachers, brides, birthdays, etc!! […]


BELIEVE IN YOURSELF. There may be days when you get up in the morning and things aren’t the way you had hoped they would be. That’s when you have to tell yourself that things will get better. There are times when people disappoint you and let you down. But those are the times when you must remind yourself to trust […]

Today in Black History

Today in Black History- On this date in 1858, the affidavit pictured below was filed by slaveowner Charles Stovall in the case of “C.A. Stovall vs. Archie (Lee), a Slave,” the only known federal fugitive slave case tried in California, a “free state.” Surviving proceedings documents in the case record, filed mostly by Stovall the slaveholder, give his versions of […]


ILLOLIN CIN AMANA í ½í°�í ½í°�í ½í°�í ½í°�í ½í°�í ½í°�í ½í°� â�� Cin amana yana daga cikin Halayen munafurci. Manzon Allah (saww) ya lissafta wasu halaye guda uku, yace duk wanda yake dasu acikin halayensa, to hakika shi munafiki ne. Koda yayi sallah yayi Azumi, koda yayi Hajji yayi Umrah, koda yace Shi Musulmi ne (Subhanallah!!!). í ½í±³í ½í±³í ½í±³í […]

Memories Never Die

Memories Never Die ! It was really very memorable time ever in my life with Zulfiqar Malik sb , Raja S M Shahid sb #AminMir sb , #NasirMehmood sb , #RajaAnsar Sb , #Najabat sb ,#MsFarina, #MianRukhsar sb and Habib BANK Ltd team. Almost five years ago while attended Tashkent Uzbekistan Convention. At the end of everything, it is only […]

3/27/1 3

3/27/1 3-333-1 4GA Golden Age Wisdom Dear Ones, Now is the time to Stop listening to everyone and everything but your Self. #GoldenAge #GalaticShift #HeartWisdom When questions arise, your Heart is the place to go…for it contains all the answer you seek. Your heart is the connector between your Soul innate Template and your physical DNA Template. It is where […]