Yowww…Trinis need to watch and LISTEN to this! The Story of OJ. ..so many great lines…so relevant to us…to the conversation of late in our country. Here we are b*tching about the 1% but yet still you cyah find a trini to just say I’m a person of colour and realize we are all the friggin same to everyone else. […]

Ummm yea

Ummm yea….. five summits down and I have successfully dodged the superworkout each year! Well not this year!!!! I think I am more excited than Melanie that I will be there in full force on the main stage with Chris Downing. Never in a million years did I think this would be happening. In Punta Cana we had the opportunity […]


Re-inventing Yourself. Our passion for “reinventing ourselves” is driven by a void in our hearts, a nagging sense of guilt and condemnation that we cannot quite identify or explain. Like the fig leaves that Adam and Eve designed to cover their sense of shame after the fall, we search frantically for moral, therapeutic, pragmatic, cosmetic, spiritual and religious ways of […]

Jayati Ghosh Interviewed On Imperialism in the 21st Century in 3 parts

Jayati Ghosh Interviewed On Imperialism in the 21st Century in 3 parts 1. Imperialism, explains renowned economist – whether explicit or implicit – is about the struggle to control economic territory such as markets, workers & labor, natural resources and new kinds of markets that are developed http://therealnews.com/t2/index.php… 2. Large capital, when on its knees, makes concessions to labor. But […]